Mirai Saitou

Mirai Saitou

fiddl: extended [60f] 170921 CLC (씨엘씨) 장승연 – 즐겨 (I Like It) @춘천2군단위문열차 By 신비글

fiddl: extended 170921 CLC (씨엘씨) 장승연 - 즐겨 (I Like It) @춘천2군단위문열차 By 신비글


At Roost, a cosmopolitan West Side menu shines

In 2013, Martin Danilowicz, veteran of kitchens including Just Pasta, went off the beaten path to open Martin Cooks in the Horsefeathers building on Connecticut…Read More

An Attack on Muslims Shakes Cosmopolitan London

London may be the most diverse and tolerant city in the world and is home to more than one million Muslims from dozens of countries. The city’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, is Muslim, and he...

How cosmopolitan: An oft-maligned cocktail makes a comeback

Like many people learning to navigate a cocktail menu, when I was first (legally) allowed into bars, I preferred amaretto sours and similarly sweet, tangy sips. They were candy-like and approachable, and came in...

GNTM 2017: Maja, Lynn, Céline – wer gewinnt?: GNTM 2017: Wie läuft das Cosmopolitan-Shooting?

GNTM 2017: Maja, Lynn, Céline, Leticia, Romina oder Serlina – wer übersteht das Halbfinale? Wie läuft das Covershooting für das Magazin „Cosmopolitan“?Read More

Cosmopolitan caught misrepresenting Sikh man as a Muslim to push liberal narrative

Cosmopolitan was caught Tuesday brazenly misrepresenting the faith of a taxi cab driver in Manchester after the attacks in order to push a pro-Muslim narrative, and they got incinerated over it on social media....

Cosmopolitan expanding its 24-hour convenience store – Las Vegas Review-Journal

Cosmopolitan expects to finish an expansion of its 24-hour convenience store during the third quarter.Read More